From the Stronger Seniors Workout Program ” Stretch ” part one of a 2 – DVD set of chair exercises for older adults or persons recovering from illness or injury. This program is safe, easy to follow, and designed especially for seniors.
These two complete workouts, developed by certified fitness instructor Anne Pringle Burnell, will help you become more flexible, give you a renewed sense of balance and well-being, and increase your strength.

The first video, “Stretch,” consists of exercises designed to move your joints to their fullest range of motion, slow, easy stretches to release tension, and toning exercises for the abdominals and the back.

The second video, “Strength,” will help increase your stamina with aerobic exercises, build strength with the use of small hand weights, and it includes a special section to develop and maintain better balance.

Together, these two DVDs provide a balanced exercise program for the whole body that will help you remain healthy and independent. With the Stronger Seniors Workout Program you will see real results—strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance . . . all while sitting in your chair.

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Here is a series of 3 videos for senior ‘athletes’ to participate in, some simple stretches and exercises that work on all the major joints and muscles. Take care still and stop if you feel you need a rest or it is too much for you, and come back to complete the workout tomorrow. Frequency with exercise is more important than intensity (though both lead to overall good effect). A rolling stone gathers no moss.
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