LG G Flex Stress test

LG G Flex Stress test.


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wellness exercise mapeh

October 17, 2013, Fugoso High School was visited by the Nestle Philippines and Greatfil to observe the wellness exercise routine of the said school. Enjoy wa…
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Autism Solution: Getting Started With The Son-Rise Program®

Experience an introduction to The Son-Rise Program through this inspiring video. Learn practical tools that you can begin using today, and see examples of th…

Question by Nikki S: Is it possible that the recent autism epidemic is a result of radiation poisoning caused by Chernobyl in 1986?
Now 1 in 150 babies born are later diagnosed with autism or autistic spectrum disorders. The problem seems to have gotten much worse in the early 90s, right when the children born to mothers all around the world who might have been exposed to low levels of radiation during the chernobly incident would have been turning about the right age to show developmental defects.

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Answer by Miss_Chievous
Its probably a lot of factors that doctors can’t pinpoint, It could be a genetic predisposition, the increase in people getting vaccinated and the amounts of mercury in the vaccinations, maybe an increase in radiation, increase in chemicals, diet and allergies, the fact that medical science is now able to help babies born prematurely to survive (premies and babies that have a difficult birth are more likely candidates for autism). So there are many theories but no true answer yet.

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Demi Lovato – Heart Attack (Official Trailer)

The new album DEMI available now. Download on iTunes – http://smarturl.it/dliTunesa1 Get Demi’s new single “Heart Attack” on iTunes – http://smarturl.it/dliT…


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Lets Learn Fruits & Vegetables – Preschool Learning

Lets Learn Fruits & Vegetables - Preschool Learning

This video is designed for your child to watch and learn Fruits & Vegetables the FUN way… This is the best Fruits and Vegetables teaching module, your chil…
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What is a good test for swimming and floating?

Question by Lauren: What is a good test for swimming and floating?
I wanted to test my swimming and floating proficiency, and I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for certain amounts that I should be meeting. I know that at some pools lifeguards give swimming tests, so I suppose it would be similar to this. Thanks in advance!
To the first two posters: Yes, it’s pretty obvious I can swim and float. My question is for what length or for how long should be proficient?

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Answer by Not Livingston
Try getting into a pool. If you don’t drown, you are proficient at swimming and floating.

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